I am Ratnadeep Debnath a.k.a. rtnpro. I am an open source evangelist and contributor. I graduated in Computer Science and Engineering in 2011. I have been a Fedora user since 2008 and I contribute to the Fedora project as an ambassador, packager and a developer. I also contribute to the Transifex project. I started contributing to the Transifex project in the early days of 2011. Then I did a paid internship at Indifex from June, 2011 to August, 2011 on the Transifex project. I joined Indifex as a full time employee from September, 2011. At Indifex, I develop cool new apps and ensure that things work as expected. I also contribute to the Askbot project. I also worked on wordgroupz, a vocabulary builder app in my college days. I usually code in Python. When I am not coding, I try my luck with cooking and practise meditation.