My talk got selected for #Pycon India 2012

My proposed talk titled Develop for an international audience got selected for Pycon India, 2012. It’s time to start working on the slides. I am thinking to use rst to write my slides. Also, I have booked by flight tickets for Pycon Thanks everyone who voted for my talk.

September 2, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath

Validate Python string translation in Transifex

Transifex already supported validating translations of old styled Python strings, e.g., [sourcecode language=”python”] “A sample string with a %(keyword)s argument.” % {‘keyword’: ‘key word’} [/sourcecode] The validation is done by checking if all the positional and keyword arguments are present in the translation string and the translation string does not contain any extra argument which is not in the source string. You can have a look at the validator code here....

September 2, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath

FUDCON KL 2012 Day 2

Day 2 of FUDCON KL started with a talk on Fedora book by Joshua Wulf (for me Sitapati Prabhu). This idea is very intuitive for any one (especially newbies) to start contributing to Fedora documentation. Although, contributors need to know some basics of docbook, I guess that’s not tough. There were many interesting talks for the day on topics like Ask Fedora, Transifex, Fedora Tour, etc. Soumay‘s talk on Fedora in Education was really inspiring....

May 27, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath

Dear Turkish translators

Transifex usually defines plural rules for languages according to So, the plural rule for Turkish language in Transifex is other → everything. However, lately there has been some requests that the Turkish language should have two plural forms: nplurals=2; plural=(n>1) The requests have been with reference to Here is a quote from a user at Turkish behaves like Akan for example. The rule should be: One: 0, 1 Other: 2-999...

March 11, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath

#Transifex now supports comments in Apple .strings i18n files

#Transifex now supports comments in Apple .strings i18n files. Only /* foo */ style comment in the line preceding the key value pair in the source file is saved as a comment for the key. The example below will explain this in a better way: [sourcecode] /Comment for key1/ “key1” = “value 1”; /* This comment will not be included in key2*/ /* comment for key2*/ “key2” = “value 2”;...

January 13, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath