We had a Fedora 22 release party in Bangalore, on Aug 1, 2015. It took
place a Hackerearth's office in Bangalore. We had around 9 attendees for
the party along with the hosts from Hackerearth.

The event started at around 10:30 AM and continued till 1:30 PM. We started
with us introducing ourselves. Following the introductions, Sayan giving a
brief introduction about the Fedora Project and it's history. This was
followed by me speaking on Fedora 22 release and it's highlights.

Then Lalatendu Mohanty gave an awesome and comprehensive session RPM Packaging,
"Bringing it all together - RPM Packaging and its life-cycle in Fedora".
This was followed by me and Sayan Chowdhury taking the audience on a tour
around Fedora Infra and how one can start contributing to Fedora Infra
and Fedora in general.

Then, it was time for Open Floor, where we had an open discussion with
everyone on things they have been working on, want to work on, features
they want to see in Fedora in the future.

Then we cut cake for Fedora 22 release, had pizzas, group photo and dispersed
to meet again in the next month at Fedora Bangalore meetup.

More event pics can be found here.