This had been lying in the draft for quite some time now, waiting to be published. Better late, than never.

Well, I joined the container tools team in OSAS, Redhat on August 24, 2015. Nevertheless, I had already been contributing to the upstream projects around projectatomic prior to joining Redhat :). It was not a totally new environment at Redhat, I knew many people from the Fedora community at Redhat and in our team. It’s like working amongst friends.

I am working from home, as a remotee, in my boxers (and not pyjamas). Working from home gives me the independence to work when I please and be more productive. It also saves a lot of time in commuting to office, especially, in a city like Bangalore. Whatever time I save, can be translated into more contributions to Open Source. So, my day job, finally, became contributing to upstream Open Source projects. I do not find the difference between work and contribution now, everything is fun.

I spent the initial few weeks at Redhat exploring the Atomic ecosystem, getting confused with so many Atomic* nomenclature, playing and fighting with kubernetes and trying to map my docker* knowledge with kubernetes. Oh! It was loads of reading. I started playing with the Nulecule specification and nuleculizing applications. I kept on exploring and documenting my findings and writing blog posts on them. I started working on bug fixes in atomicapp, but I was not satisfied, I was looking for more. At long last, I stumbled upon the much needed refactor of atomicapp codebase and started working on refactoring, and things became exciting. The goal of the refactor was to make the codebase more modular, more readable, easy to munch, and get started with.

Apart from my work at work at Redhat, I have also been contributing to the Fedora community, especially, autocloud and writing test cases for testing Fedora Atomic images.

Those were mostly my stint during my first month at Redhat. So far, so good and it looks like an exciting road up ahead.