For some time, I have been hanging around with django. I got some cool video tutorials on the web on django. They helped me a lot to start coding in django. At the same time, I was also going through the Transifex source code. After some time, I browsed through the tickets in and started with fixing ticket #679.

I had to go through javascript, jquery, html in addition to write the patch for #679. I also wrote a custom pagination plugin for dataTables pagination for fixing the issue mentioned in ticket #679. I submitted the patch upstream for review. I hope it will be accepted.

After that Diego directed me to work on ticket #129. Here I had add the provision for a “Remember me” option, which, if selected during login, will set the login duration to 21 days, else, the login session will expire on browser close. I had to create a form class _AuthenticationForm subclassing django’s AuthenticationForm to add a new Boolean form field “Remember me”. Then I had to just pass this _AuthenticationForm as the form argument in simpleauth.views.login and call simpleauth.views.login when the url is of the pattern r’^accounts/login/$’. Yeah … I know this looks odd.

But the best thing about this is that, it works both for simpleauth and for django-profiles. Also, when django-profile is being used, the django-profile templates are used. I have tested this patch on my system, its working fine. I hope the upstream will accept this.