Exams ended, and today in the morning I was heading as fast as I can towards my Mess to get my hands on the Fedora 10 DVD. Also I had to fix some issues regarding another Fedora 10 installation in my friend’s notebook, which is a Compaq Presario with Nvidia graphics card.

The thing that I found there was that his X-server was not running. I tried to peek into the xorg.conf but in vain, it was not there. Then I tried to boot using the kernel option
and then Plymouth started working. I was impressed by the booting screen. Alas! It again landed on the CLI, but this time it was much more crisp (might be due to Plymouth). I did google a bit on the issue regarding xorg.conf not present in Fedora 10, I stepped across a method to create the xorg.conf file. I then did the following steps:
1)$ su -c “yum install system-config-display”
2)$Xorg -configure :1
it created a new file xorg.conf.new in the current directory.
3)Then I pasted the file as xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ and tried to invoke the X-server, it failed…saying that display not comatible.

Then I downloaded the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion.org…
$su -c “yum -y install kmod-nvidia”
After installing the nvidia drivers, invoking the X-server worked. But on reboot, it again landed on the CLI. Each time I had to manually invoke the X-server to get to the GUI.
I am searching and still couldn’t find a solution to this.

If anybody has any suggestions or ideas on this issue, feel free to post a comment.