Last Saturday, on Jan 10, 2015, we had a Fedora 21 release party in Bangalore. It was held in the premises of Red Hat, Bangalore with the help and support of Archit and Humble, who are working at Red Hat, Bangalore.

Registration for the event started from around 9:30 AM and slowly people started dropping in. Over 40 people had turned up for the event. We started the event at around 10:30 AM with Archit giving an introduction about Fedora.

Then, I spoke on Fedora 21 release and it’s highlights and Fedora.Next. This was followed by Neependra Khare speaking on Project Atomic and Docker. Then, we celebrated Fedora 21 release by cutting a Fedora 21 cake. Sayan did the honours of cutting the cake.

Following this, Sayan spoke on “How to contribute to Fedora”. He explained in details the various teams in Fedora and how one can join one of them. He also mentioned about the awesome Fedora contributors from India and abroad, about their projects and how one can join them. He also touched on the tools needed to communicate with the Fedora communitylike IRC, mailing list, etc. Then there was a break for snacks. This was followed by an introductory session on RPM packaging by Sinny.

Finally, there was the open house, where people asked questions about Fedora and getting involved with Fedora, shared their experiences with Fedora. It was around 1:30 PM when we called it a day and dispersed on our own ways.

We are looking forward to have more Fedora meetups, activity days in Bangalore in the upcoming months, to help us contribute more and more to the Fedora community.