We again met at Starbucks Coffee, Indiranagar on May 2, 2015 at 6 PM for our monthly Fedora meetup in Bangalore. Like the meetup in the month of April, there were only 2 attendees: myself and Sayan Chowdhury. Well, we are used to such things and were not disheartened.

As decided over the mailing list, we discussed on the hot topics from in the Fedora Cloud ecosystem:

We also explored docker-swarm, consul and discussed on how to build autoscaling cluster with these. Following this, we started working on our tasks in Fedora Infra. There’s little discuss and much to code :)

We finally dispersed at 7:30 PM. We had some productive discussions and work done at the meetup. However, we’d like to get more folks involved and bring in new topics for discussion.

See you, next month, same place, same time(6 PM) on June 6, 2015.