ircb gets it’s initial 0.1 release!

ircb is a versatile IRC Bouncer, made for scale. It was born out of our sheer requirements for a better IRC bouncer when hosting the demo instance of waartaa. A bouncer that:

  • scales to multiple hosts, to overcome connection limitations put by IRC servers on a single host
  • accepts multiple simultaneous client connections for the same IRC connection
  • A sane API to control it
  • has awesome dashboard and analytics, built in

We plan to ship ircb as a standalone, consumable product. It’s eventually going to be used in waartaa as it’s core engine to handle IRC connections.

This initial release ships with the following features:

  • Allow multiple simultaneous client connection for a IRC network connection
  • Support SSL connection to IRC server
  • Basic CLI to create users, networks
  • Autojoin previously joined channels on re connecting to IRC network

I’d like to thank Sayan Chowdhury and Pol Baladas Luna for their contributions for this release.

Please feel free to give ircb a run and share your feedback here. Your suggestions and feedback are extremely valuable to us and will help us in developing this product accordingly.

There’s a lot of cool features to work on and ship. So, stay tuned for the next release.