Well, it has been quite some time since my last blog. The last days of my college, yes, they were very hectic. I had to complete my college project. Well, I had to handle a couple of preventions and seminars, mostly by myself ( although in a group). I finally implemented scatternet formation and routing and built a relay chat kind of thing on top of that. I named it Bluetooth Relay Chat. It worked quite, except for the interface not being that WOW. One can send public messages and private messages as well. I am maintaining the code as a private project in bitbucket. I will release the code soon.

Apart from that, I have been working on Transifex and fixed and improved some stuffs in between. I could not control the urge to contribute even when my exams were near. Apart from that, I have been working on another tool called wordcollections for Ankur Bangla project. It began as a fork of wordgroupz but now is going in a completely new direction.

I was finally happy the day our final semester exams were over. Finally, I can devote my entire day to open source. I stared working on Transifex from the next day. And from June 1, began my internship at Indifex. Currently, I am working on fixing the unittests. I am almost done with the fixing part. Now time to move to write new unittests.