What is Waartaa?

Waartaa or wārtā is a word in Hindi: वार्ता, which means to communicate. And that’s what waartaa is for. Waartaa is a web based IRC client as a service and it facilitates centralized logging, idling functionality, unique identification across multiple clients and a rich UI for awesome user experience. Waartaa is open sourced under MIT License. The source is at https://github.com/waartaa/waartaa/ .You can download, fork, customize and setup Waartaa as a service anywhere, be it a single user laptop/desktop, server for your self and your friends.


There are an arsenal of IRC clients and tools, so why another one?

Waartaa is not just a random fun project, although it has been fun and full of adventures to work on it. Below are a few reasons why I started to work on Waartaa:

  • GUI IRC clients work only for single machines. It’s a pain to sync logs across multiple devices across multiple IRC clients.
  • Local IRC clients do not let you idle when you are not online. It’s not possible for everyone to get a server to setup ZNC or similar idling server.
  • Most desktop IRC clients do not have that WOW! look and feel.
  • Lack of identity when logged in from multiple devices simultaneously.
  • Local network configuration (proxy, firewall) and quality (speed, timeout) often becomes a hindrance to good IRC experience.

Waartaa solves the above issues as follows:

  • Running IRC client as a service on better infrastructure ensures that you are always connected to IRC and capturing IRC logs.
  • Waartaa serves as a central place to store your chat logs.
  • No matter what device you login from to Waartaa, YOU are always YOU in the IRC and not some YOU_, YOU__, etc.
  • Waartaa is built on top of web technologies. So, it works flawlessly and uniformly across multiple platforms and looks equally awesome in all the them. This adds up to a superior user experience.


Beautiful and useful chat interface

Easy to join server/channel

Stylish menus


Under the hood
  1. Meteor JS http://www.meteor.com/
  2. MongoDB
  3. Forked node-irc https://github.com/waartaa/node-irc
  4. And a host of meteorite apps from https://atmosphere.meteor.com/
Where can I try it?


How can I contribute?