It has been a long silence from me since I came back from Kolkata on 10th August 2009. In Kolkata, I and some of my friends were doing internship under Indranil Das Gupta. Back here in Durgapur, having already missed near a month’s regular college classes, we didn’t receive a nice response from our college authorities. I had a lot of pending college assignments and other stuffs to attend to. I had some really boring long days. This month, I shifted to a new mess in Sarat Pally, St, No. 2, Fuljhore with Harsh and Bama. Although we applied for a BSNL broadband connection in our mess, till date, no response from BSNL. Hope to listen from BSNL this week at least.

Last week, I resumed my work on the FedX project and on 30th August, I pushed a small code in my gitorious clone of FedX. I am right now working to create a wizard to configure FedX in a machine when it runs for the first time. The link of my clone of FedX is as follows :

On 31st August, 2009, I, Kishan and Meejanur went to Bijra High school to see how things are going on there. Bijra High School had got a new temporary computer teacher. We intended on training him to use Linux and other FOSS tools. He agreed to come down to our mess a few times a week, so that he could prepare himself to handle the computer laboratory at Bijra High School. In the computer room, we found that the LTSP server was not booting up, but was beeping continuously when turned on. We opened the cabinet, opened the RAM chip and reinserted it, and the machine booted up fine.

[![Re-inserting RAM chip in the server]( "Image0075")](
Re-inserting RAM chip in the server
But during boot up, it gave an error message regarding eth0 :

8139too device eth0 does not seem to be present, delaying initialization

Then we tried switching on the terminals, but they didn’t boot up as the DHCP service was not running in the server due to problem with eth0. The terminals 2 was failing to boot due to some problem with the SMPS. Then there was a power cut, so we had to return. I updated IndraDG and Subhodip Biswas on this matter, and Subhodip Biswas plans to visit Bijra High School to fix the issue soon.