I was thinking to learn playing guitar for some time now. I tried self learning from the internet, but I was not regular and so my skills with guitar always remainded next to zero. Seems like I am not that self motivated for it, as I am in the case of coding and working out. Well, neither was I motivated to work out until I joined the gym and took personal training. That provided the external push to get started initially, and when I started to see the results, I became self motivated for working out.

So, from last Saturday, I started taking guitar classes at Octavium. First day, I learnt some basics about guitar: notes, guitar components, chord diagrams and some basic chords: D, A, G, C, Am. Instead of just practising the above chords, I was told to practice playing chords for “knockin on heaven’s door” by Bob Dylan. The chord patterns are pretty simple: G G D D Am Am Am Am, G G D D C C C C.

I started practising the above pattern in parts. However, trying to switch chords without thinking or pausing to strum seems challenging. But, everything is difficult, at first. No pain, no gain