This month, i.e., April, 2015, I started working for Idea Device Technologies as a Member of Technical Staff. I will be mostly working on backend stuffs here and help build scalable tools for infrastructure automation. Idea Device is mostly a Python shop using Pyramid, gevent, etc. to the fullest apart from other awesome technologies. However, its not just the tech stack that got me attracted towards Idea Device, the folks that make Idea Device as well.

It has been around 3 weeks at Idea Device now, and I am enjoying my stay here. I am going through their code base and working on bug fixes and small features here and there. Also, I started studying Docker extensively. I am being encouraged here to know things in and out, become an expert in whatever I do, go out and share knowledge with the community. The environment here lets you do your R&D, get your hands dirty and propose an innovative solution for the task at hand. The environment is peaceful to work, communication happening over Flowdock, little desk to desk communication, less context switches.

Apart from all the good stuff mentioned above, there are other perks awesome perks at Idea Device too:

  • Awesome lunch and snacks
  • Free beer
  • No leave policy
  • No hard and fast office timings
  • Good machines to work on
  • Awesome internet bandwidth