Today, we had a Fedora meetup in Bangalore, at HackerEarth’s office. Although, there were only 4 attendees including ourselves: myself, Sayan, Ashwin and Puneet, we made the most out of the meetup. The meetup lasted from morning 11 AM to around 3 PM. Following is a summary of our activities during the meetup:

  • Discussed about the upcoming Fedora 21 release
  • Planning for a release party for Fedora 21 in Bangalore
  • Ashwin shared his knowledge on embedded systems
  • Puneet knows C++, so, we asked Puneet to start working with KDE and Qt
  • A few bugfixes in fedora-infra: pkgdb2 and FMN
  • Planning for a Fedora and open source orientation event in Ashwin’s college

It was great to meet with like minded folks interested in technology and Open Source and hack with them. We are looking forward to have similar meetups every month. We envision these Fedora meetups to be a place where people can join and share knowledge, and hack on cool Open Source projects.