wordGroupz is now slowly moving to the version 0.3 release. I launched the v0.3 b quite some time back. Since then, I have worked on many new features, adding features, deprecating old features and many random changes. In this time, wordgroupz underwent a considerable upgrade in its GUI. Based on the outcome of the games, I decided to store the accuracy of the user for each word and show a bar chart for that. But that did not look good. So, I dropped it. I, instead, showed the accuracy % alongside the words in the wordgroupz tree view with the help of gtk.CellRendererProgressBar.

I did away the wiktionary browser, edit button under notes, back button over the search bar, etc.

Now, I am testing the code, and fine tuning the interface. Gotta work :)

More wordgroupz screenshots are available at :


Here are the latest screenshots of wordgroupz: