Pycon Pune 2017

2017 saw a new chapter of Pycon in India, Pycon Pune. Pycon Pune 2017 felt more community focused, had loads of upstream contributors as speakers and participants, community booths (Pyladies, PSF) and loads of hacking. Pycon Pune 2017 was a 4 day event, from 16 Feb - 19 Feb. The first 2 days were conference days, and the remainder 2 were for devsprints. This was my first year as a Pycon volunteer....

February 21, 2017 · Ratnadeep Debnath

My talk got selected for #Pycon India 2012

My proposed talk titled Develop for an international audience got selected for Pycon India, 2012. It’s time to start working on the slides. I am thinking to use rst to write my slides. Also, I have booked by flight tickets for Pycon Thanks everyone who voted for my talk.

September 2, 2012 · Ratnadeep Debnath